Spider Veins

We have a completely new approach to the treatment of spider veins as we have found that in many circumstances sclerotherapy injections of the superficial veins may result in a considerable increase in the number of spider veins.

We treat Spider Veins mainly by a method called Thermocoagulation by individually cauterizing every single spider vein with a specially designed cosmetic needle.

Microdermabrasion removes superficial hardened layers of the skin and makes spider veins more accessible to treatment.

Thermocoagulation as a single modality works well but it works much better after several sessions of Microdermabrasion.

On some occasions we target ‘feeder’ veins which supply blood to the spider veins. By eliminating the feeder veins the likelihood of the disappearance of spider veins is greater still. Spider veins are then effectively closed by a method called Thermocoagulation.

Treatment of spider veins does not always result in their immediate disappearance and one has to understand that the procedure is time consuming and requires several sessions, the number of which varies from person.

Spider veins are a chronic condition and a tendency to develop them is inherited from ancestors and we can not alter that fact. Some people have a greater tendency to develop spider veins than others. It might sometimes be impossible to achieve complete remission but we can certainly accomplish varying degrees of improvement.