Skin Lesions

Skin Lesions

A large proportion of people suffer from some form of skin blemishes, such as, moles, warts and skin tags. Some people remain unaffected by these blemishes and others find them a source of irritation and embarrassment and go to great lengths and expense to try and hide them, especially when they are on the laser light pen .

Why should you continue to suffer if your quality of life is being affected by unsightly blemishes?

Before treatment
After treatment

We offer removal by a simple, painless and extremely effective method called Thermocoagulation. The procedure takes approximately half an hour and is performed under a local anaesthetic. The lesion is often sent for biopsy to rule out any risk of cancer.

Regular follow up appointments are made and generally within 6 weeks of having the procedure, there are no visible scars and the unsightly lesion has disappeared.