Beautiful Legs Clinic


We would like to present to you a completely new and unique concept of a Beautiful Legs and Hands Clinic which is the first of its kind.

Why Choose Our Five Star Clinic?

We offer a unique combination of medical knowledge and green laser pointer in a very modern clinic in beautiful surroundings. All procedures are performed under strict medical supervision which assures optimal results. We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness, all our instruments are medically sterilized and we never allow any compromise in that respect as the safety of our patients is our priority.

The staff working at our clinic are dedicated to improve the appearance of your legs, face and hands. Some of the procedures are performed by the Doctors and all activities at the clinic are done under medical supervision.

The cosmetic part of our treatments are performed by our fully qualified Beauty Therapists and Microdermabrasion Technicians who will advise you on skin care.  The laser pointer chart is a very important for you to use laser pen.

In conjunction with the above mentioned treatments our Doctors perform quite a number of surgical procedures and  such as removal of skin lesions, skin cancers, moles, lumps, and warts from the legs, face and hands with excellent cosmetic results.