The legs are such an important part of the female body. It is not only the face and breasts but also the laser pen which determine ones femininity and attractiveness.

In Australia during the summer heat a surprising number of women are wearing trousers. One could think that this is because of fashion but as a matter of fact this is because some women have no other option but to cover their legs as they are unhappy with their appearance.

We are able to get women out of wearing trousers and to improve their image to such an extent that they will be confident wearing shorts and mini skirts. They will be able to walk on the beach without fear that passers by will make a comment about ‘bruises’ on their legs.

Most women are preoccupied with the appearance of their face but what about their legs? What about varicose veins, spider veins, spots, blemishes, dry, hardened and flaky skin?

Discolouration of the lower legs is particularly common with impairment of circulation caused by varicose veins and spider veins. The skin becomes thickened and dry. Brownish discolouration progressively becomes darker. Dermatitis and itchiness induces subconscious scratching which results in secondary infection and subsequently to ulcers.